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Whittier dermatologist offers proven, effective options for acne scar removal

Your perception of acne scar removal may need a makeover if it is limited to store-bought products. You may be turning to Dr. Blose and his team out of frustration, because all the ointments and creams haven’t worked. You have come to the right place for effective, safe acne scar removal.

The power of saline

You may already know the power of saline solution as a cleanser and hydrator. Saline has been used to hydrate the body since the 19th century. Its regenerative and restorative properties can be harnessed in the dermatological world to improve the appearance of your skin.

A normal concentration of saline when applied in a medical environment by Dr. Blose, takes direct aim at the cause of these unique types of scars: damage to superficial and underlying tissues from acne breakouts.

The saline stimulates a healthy, healing response by releasing the dead skin cells from scars. The cells that replace them are new and fresh. Fundamentally as the healing process is jumpstarted, the body will repair the damage and return the skin’s connective tissues to their original, unblemished state.

More on the process

You may have heard of chemical peels. By applying a solution customized to your skin and its needs, results will gradually be seen in the days and weeks following the peel as dead, damaged cells make way for new, healthy-looking skin cells.

Saline works in much the same way, as acne scars will begin to look less noticeable within days and weeks of the procedure being performed. These results are effectively the skin cells reacting to the solution.


Dr. Blose and his professional staff believe the best scar is the one you never developed. He may suggest photodynamic therapy. It is like other laser and light based therapies, only prior to treatment, a photosensitizing agent is applied to the skin.

As skin cells absorb this solution, it transforms into a chemical that makes the cells highly sensitive to the special BLU-light used to kill the bacteria responsible for acne. This light when combined with photosensitizing solutions has the added benefit of reducing the size of oil glands.

There is a solution for acne scar removal. Contact your dermatological professional in Whittier for a proven answer to all your acne concerns.

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