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"The doctors were very aggressive in treating my acne and I had fast results. My acne is now clear." R.B. (34 Years)

Acne Downey - Acne Before and After Patients of all ages visit Dr. Blose with concerns over breakouts and persistent acne. This condition is not reserved only for those in their teens; anyone of any age or ethnicity can develop problematic skin. The reason teens tend to be so affected is that the strongest underlying trigger for acne is hormonal imbalance. As teens’ bodies surge with hormones, the balance of substances within the skin fluctuates. This can continue into the adult years for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy or oral contraceptives, stress, and the hormonal changes that occur with age.

Regardless of age, acne can be exceptionally distressing, even leading to depression. It is extremely difficult to feel strong and confident, or attractive, when skin is marked with whiteheads, blackheads, and red irritation. Dr. Blose understands the impact acne can have on your wellbeing. He encourages our patients and gives them the knowledge that will empower them to manage acne-prone skin at any age.

Acne is best treated quickly, as soon as a breakout occurs. Early treatments often consist of over the counter medications and the use of a gentle cleanser that will not irritate skin. The use of commercial preparations should be done carefully and sparingly. Overzealous application can lead to irritation. It can also be beneficial to make wise food choices when treating acne. Though some people can eat a variety of foods without effect, some with acne-prone skin may find that certain foods, like chocolate or fried foods, lead to flare ups. If commercial products and dietary changes do not produce results within a few weeks, a visit to the dermatologist is necessary for restored skin health and improved confidence.

Our offices provide a variety of clinical weapons to aid in the fight against acne. We tailor treatments to each patient so that we may achieve the most favorable outcome as quickly as possible. Depending on the specific circumstances, Dr. Blose may suggest a round of prescription topical medication or an oral medication. We also offer MicroPen, a micro-needling treatment, as an innovative and effective way to clear skin and improve acne scarring. With professional acne treatments, your experienced dermatologist can help you see clearer skin within a matter of weeks.

Breakouts may occur now and again, but chronic acne can have devastating physical and emotional effects. Contact us to learn about our various acne treatments.

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