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"My Botox treatment was painless and my wrinkles have shown a rapid improvement." C.K. (49 Years)

In our image-conscious society, our professional and social success can be affected by how we look. Treatments like Botox and dermal fillers have made it easier to preserve or regain a more youthful appearance by combating the common signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles. Patients from areas in and around Los Angeles visit Dr. Blose in one of our four practices for facial rejuvenation with Botox. If you live near Downey or Montebello, contact us to see how this cosmetic treatment can make you feel better about your image.

Dr. Blose has over a decade of experience using Botox, and achieves naturally beautiful results in both men and women. Patients who have received this type of treatment, report feeling an improved satisfaction with their appearance, and many dermatologists find Botox an ideal treatment for just about anyone.

When we exercise, we use our muscles, which then become more toned. Our face has a number of muscles that are used daily as we make a variety of facial expressions. Through these consistent movements, the muscles of the face become toned to a point where the lines that once appeared only during a facial expression become the norm. By injecting Botox into underlying muscles, they become relaxed and allow the overlying skin to smooth out for a more rested, more vibrant appearance.

Effective at relaxing muscles while still allowing normal expression, Botox was initially used to decrease the appearance of the deep lines that form between the eyebrows, called glabellar lines. Today, it has a greater variety of uses and treatment areas, including the crow’s feet that form at the outer corner of the eyes.

Botox treatments are gently administered with comfort as well as the result in mind. Your rejuvenating treatment will take only a few minutes to complete, and should result in little to no side effects, which may include bruising or a slight headache. Most people find that they can easily return to normal activities after this "lunch time treatment."

With years of experience in their backgrounds, Dr. Blose and our resident Physician Assistant carefully administers Botox to minimize risk and maximize the results. Considered one of the safest professional cosmetic treatments, Botox may be used in combination with dermal fillers and other treatments.

You can love your skin! Contact us to discover first-hand how Botox can refresh your appearance.

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