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Brown Spots

"Age spots," "liver spots," and "sun spots" are the various names used to describe brown spots on the skin, flat patches of hyperpigmentation that occur due to the effects of the sun. These painless spots, which may appear on the hands, arms, chest, legs, and face, are the result of excess melanin, and typically make a person look older, hence the name "age spots." We rarely hear brown spots described as "liver spots" anymore, which is good because they have nothing to do with liver problems.

Brown spots are typically not a sign of skin cancer, as moles can be. These areas are just the telltale signs of too much sun over the years. As we age, most of us will develop a few brown spots on parts of the body that have received regular sun exposure. When they become a large part of your overall aesthetic, brown spots can get in the way of your youthful, vibrant image. You may not feel as good about your skin as you could.

There may be ways to prevent brown spots, such as wearing wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen, but once they develop, they are difficult to hide. Rather than letting brown spots age your skin, visit one of our Southern California dermatology offices to decrease their appearance with professional dermatological treatments.

One way in which brown spots may be diminished is with chemical peels. Dr. Blose and our knowledgeable staff have several years of experience in improving skin with customized chemical peels. This treatment is tailored to each patient's unique skin, customized through variables such as the strength of the solution and the duration of time the solution is left on the skin. We offer a few different chemical peels so that we may best meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Your skin should communicate the age you feel. We can help you combat the signs of aging and sun exposure with individualized dermatological care. Contact us at (562) 923-6450 to schedule your visit with us.

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