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Chemical Peels

If acne subsides, but scarring remains Downey dermatologist's chemical peels for treatment also prevent future damage

There are many treatments to improve the look of your acne scars. These scars can be particularly frustrating because you may not have had acne for a long time. Pitted, depressed, or discolored areas may be painful reminders of what it felt like to have acne. It may bring to mind unpleasant memories that have to do with your self-esteem and how others viewed you. The sting remains, even if those memories were made many years ago.

It should be said there is no single treatment that is right for everyone, as you may have experienced when first trying to manage your acne. In fact, one patient may need more than one treatment.

One of those treatments is the chemical peel. A peel for acne scars involves the application of a solution to the skin. This solution produces controlled damage. This type of damage is good, unlike any damage that may have been caused by acne. As the outermost skin is removed in a controlled fashion, the new skin that grows in its place is smoother and with little to no scars.

The type of peels Dr. Blose applies depends on the type of condition and the extent of scarring. A stronger peel may obtain desired improvements, but also requires higher concentrations of peeling agents, longer treatment time and, accordingly, longer downtime to heal.

Such noninvasive peels require little to no treatment and downtime, but may not be right to achieve the level of results you are looking for and, generally, those lighter peels might be reserved for acne itself as well as fine wrinkles, undesirable texture, and splotches.

Stronger peels can treat your acne scars, along with any deeper wrinkles, tone concerns, and precancerous growths. Please note: Phenol peels used be the strongest and deepest of peels; however, many practitioners have phased out those peels due to kidney, heart, liver failure, and other serious health concerns.

Today's peels balance safety as well as results. They are effective without the serious side effects. The common side effects with the type of peels Dr. Blose may recommend include redness, swelling, and rough texture that typically subsides quickly as skin heals to reveal a fresher you.

In addition to improving the look or eliminating your scars, chemical peels can also help prevent outbreaks and future scarring. For more information about chemical peels for acne scarring in Downey, call (562) 923-6450 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Blose.

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