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Chemical Peels

Huntington Park patients can choose from a variety of chemical peels to awaken tired skin

You have many options to improve acne-scarred, freckled, blotched, dull, or dry skin.

Chemical peels are a minimally invasive, high-impact and highly customizable alternative.

How it works

A chemical peel is a controlled way to remove damaged, outer layers of skin to reveal new and improved skin underneath.

Dr. Blose uses a chemical solution to peel away the old skin. The type of solution depends on the type of peel. The type of peel depends on the condition of your skin and your goals.

Light or superficial peels

Typically, alpha hydroxyl or beta hydroxyl acids (glycolic, salicylic) are used to penetrate only the outermost layer of skin. These so-called “lunchtime” procedures are so gentle they may be done once a week for up to six weeks, and can be used on most skin types and conditions ranging from acne to fine lines. No anesthesia is required and healing usually occurs within one week.


Is commonly used to penetrate deeper than the superficial peel, and into the papillary dermis. Healing can take up to one week, and you may need to repeat the procedure within six months to a year to maintain improvements, such as diminished wrinkling, scarring, and more even tone.

The beauty of the chemical peel is it can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Dr. Blose and his team at Huntington Park will assess your skin concerns, and factors like your sun exposure at work to determine the procedure best for you. Call (562) 923-6450.

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