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Montebello area psoriasis sufferers get relief from best treatment options available today

You or a family member may be among the two to three percent of the world’s population living with the red patches, dry and cracked skin, itching, burning, and swelling of psoriasis. There are effective options to treat this chronic condition right here in the Montebello area, courtesy of Dr. Douglas A. Blose and his team.


Some patients with psoriasis may see improvements with store bought topicals. However, there exists a dizzying array of products with an equally dizzying array of ingredients within these products. Not all of these options have the ingredients or the concentration of ingredients necessary to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce your symptoms.

Dr. Blose is able to tailor a treatment plan that actually works while minimizing the risks and providing education about potential side effects, such as changes to skin color, bruising, and visible blood vessels. One medication may be used in conjunction with another. Since some products can lose their effectiveness over time or products that may not have worked can become effective over time, Dr. Blose may recommend you cycle through different topical options.


You may be familiar with the use of lasers in other medical settings. Perhaps you have heard of light-based therapies in dermatology to remove everything from unwanted hair to sun spots.

The energy from ultraviolet light may be used to treat the thick, silvery scales and itchy red patches caused by the rapid build-up of cells on the surface of the skin. Generally, light penetrates the tissue and slows the growth of affected cells. These treatments may reduce the need for medications to manage symptoms over the longer term.

The importance of proper diagnosis

Identifying an effective course of treatment comes down to understanding the nature of your condition. There are a number of other skin conditions that can be mistaken for psoriasis. Seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, and pityriasis rosea are common skin conditions with symptoms that may be confused with psoriasis. These diseases may also occur at the same time as psoriasis.

Dr. Blose will start with a consultation and examination before identifying the best psoriasis treatment. Dr. Blose is one of the few specialists in California to offer the Excel treatment. Call the Montebello office at (562) 923-6450 to find out more about the best way to restore clear, healthy skin.

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