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General Dermatology

When to seek general dermatology treatment in Huntington Park

If you look at your skin, you will likely notice some markings, imperfections, blemishes, or changes in color. These markings can be temporary or permanent. As individuals, we see our skin every single day, which makes us very familiar with the rashes and spots that are always there. If there's no discomfort, irritation, or itching, we often ignore those imperfections on our skin and assume that they are normal. However, our skin is impacted by many conditions – the environment, aging, and lifestyle factors to name a few – and a trip to your dermatologist can help you keep your skin healthy and happy.

Many patients in Huntington Park aren't sure if they need dermatology services or when they should make an appointment. Some patients believe they only need to visit their dermatologist if they're having problems; however, in some cases your skin could be damaged with symptoms that aren't clear to an untrained eye. Regular checkups with a trusted dermatologist, such as Dr. Douglas Bose is the best way to ensure that you have a professional evaluation and the reassurance that your skin is healthy.

In the field of general dermatology there are some early symptoms that may be an indication that you should make an appointment with a physician.
  • Moles – What may look like a mole to you may action be an indication of skin cancer. If you've noticed that your mole has changed its shape or color, it's important to see your dermatologist. Other warning signs include moles that are bigger than the eraser of a pencil, is not symmetrical, has uneven borders, an unusual color, or any bleeding or discharge.
  • Rashes – From time to time many patients experience a rash on their skin. It could be caused by an irritation or reaction to a new lotion or laundry detergent, a bug bite, or an allergy to a food item. Many rashes are relatively harmless and can be treated with over-the-counter medications. However if you notice that the rash lasts a long time or goes away and then comes back, if the rash is located on your face, if blisters form, if it is itchy or irritating, or if you think it may be contagious it is important to call your dermatologist.
  • Acne – Breakouts have been thought to be a part of life, especially adolescence. However, acne can often be treated more efficiently and effectively with the help of your dermatologist. Consistent acne can be lead to low self-esteem; therefore, it's important to reach out for help if your acne is causing you to feel embarrassed about your appearance.
Dr. Blose has been helping his patients in Huntington Park and the nearby area treat many skin conditions with the right treatment that suits their lifestyle, budget, and timeline. With Dr. Blose and his team, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to patient care. Instead each person is treated like an individual with respect and gentle care. Call today to learn more.

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