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General Dermatology

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We have anywhere from 12 to 20 square feet of skin on our body, with three layers to this large organ. While we spend a lot of time tending to the needs of our skin for cosmetic purposes, there is also a big reason to address concerns that fall into the category of health and wellbeing. Since the skin composes about 15 percent of the body, the level of wellness we maintain will factor into our overall health.

This skin may be affected by a great number of factors, both genetic and environmental. Literally thousands of conditions can lead to discomfort or embarrassment. To handle such conditions effectively it takes teamwork with a skilled board certified dermatologist such as Dr. Blose. With decades of experience, the doctor thoroughly analyzes the skin and devises treatment plans based on the specific needs of the patient. When managing skin conditions, we work hard to achieve the most favorable outcome from individualized care.

We understand the impact the skin has on each person's health and wellbeing, both physically and aesthetically. In our practice, we offer a number of effective treatment solutions for problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more.


Eczema is a common, chronic condition for which science has no clear answers in terms of cause or cure. Dr. Blose, however, works with patients to relieve the symptoms of eczema using a variety of treatments. How eczema is treated depends on the patient’s history, the severity of the condition, and other factors. During your consultation, Dr. Blose will discuss treatment options such as topical prescription medication or Excel treatments.


Psoriasis is another chronic skin condition experienced by many people. The patches of irritation that develop with psoriasis can be both physically and emotionally distressing, and we understand the importance of proper management. We work with patients to better handle flare-ups by recognizing triggers, and prescribe treatment such as topical medication or Excel treatments.

Excel Psoriasis Treatment

Dr. Blose is one of only a few California Dermatologists who offers Excel treatment for eczema and psoriasis. This treatment is painless and effective, often resulting in significant improvement after only a few sessions. Contact our office at (562) 923-6450 for more information on Excel treatments.

Warts and molluscum

Warts are commonly seen on the hands of young people. Although the result of a virus, warts are not a serious medical problem, but should be handled quickly in order to prevent transmission to other parts of the body or other people. We offer a number of solutions for bothersome warts.

Nail Fungus

Many people experience troublesome infection from nail fungus at some point. This condition may affect one or more nails, and can cause embarrassment and discomfort if not treated quickly. When the nail becomes infected, it may change in color, crumble, smell bad, and / or pull away from the nail bed. If the nail becomes misshapen and damaged, persistent pain may develop.

Nail fungus may occur due to genetic predisposition or a suppressed immune system. Otherwise, healthy individuals may also develop a fungal infection after an injury to the nail. Dr. Blose offers professional care for nail fungus for quick, successful results.


It is important to understand the impact moles can have on the skin. More than small marks on the body, moles may signal sun damage or disease. Your dermatologist can help you monitor suspicious moles, and effectively remove them when it is deemed necessary.

Moles can be evaluated using these ABCs:
  • Asymmetry - If you were to draw a line down the center of a mole, each side should be balanced.
  • Border - The line around a mole should be uniform and distinct.
  • Color - A mole should be a single color.
  • Diameter - Your dermatologist should check larger moles, though even smaller moles are thoroughly evaluated.
  • Evolution - Any changes to a mole should be evaluated by your dermatologist right away.
We want you to feel good about your skin. Contact us in Montebello or Downey to promote healthy skin. Your appointment may be scheduled at one convenient contact number, (562) 923-6450.

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