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Huntington Park area dermatologist offers best laser hair removal treatment

You may know of medical treatments that use lasers, such as to correct vision or to remove tumors. Dr. Douglas Blose also uses lasers for permanent hair removal in Huntington Park.

There's a good chance if you are reading this you are through with the constant costs, mess, discomfort, and time associated with shaving, waxing, tweezing, and stinky creams producing results that don't last. At this stage, you know you want an effective and long-term solution, so you can spend more time out rather than in the bathroom prepping.

Electrolysis is often mentioned as another permanent alternative. Today's electrolysis may not be as painful as it was in the past, but it can still be painful. Another drawback is each hair must be treated individually. Imagine the time and cost required to treat even a small area. As much as Dr. Blose and his team love seeing clients, their priority is safe, effective treatment within minimal timeframes.

This is why the best hair removal treatment in Huntington Park is so popular: laser therapy. While we understand everyone has different pain tolerances, laser hair removal has generally been compared to the slight snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Instead, the sensation of electrolysis has been compared to everything from bee stings to the sting of cat scratches.

In addition to greater comfort, our clients enjoy a better experience and outcome over the longer term due to the nature of the laser. Dr. Blose harnesses the energy emitted by the laser beam. For cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, a medical-grade laser is used.

Unlike other types of light, such as that from a regular bulb, the laser beam is intense, narrow, and targeted. Multiple wavelengths don't spread out in all directions. Due to this feature, it's no wonder lasers have so many uses in the medical world. They can focus very accurately in even the tiniest of areas such as a hair follicle!

Due to its precision, the laser can treat the targeted hairs without damaging surrounding skin. Unlike electrolysis, the Blose team can treat many hairs in one pulse. This means smaller areas can be treated in less than one minute, while bigger areas like the back and legs may be treated in less than one hour. A series of treatments are required to complete the process.

You'll see results in the next month as those affected hairs start to fall out. You may be able to do away with the razors, waxing, tweezing, and plucking for good with minimal touch-ups within a few months to a year.

Lasers are considered a premier treatment for hair removal, and the technology has improved. In the past, it may have been an option only for those light-skinned clients with dark hair. Now Dr. Blose can identify the best course of treatment based on the complexion, hair, thickness, and trouble area. Pigmentation problems are minimized in darker-skinned clients, thanks to the use of new and improved technologies.

Experience the difference living without the time commitment, pain, irritation, and annoyance of traditional, short-term hair removal. Call Douglas A. Blose, M.D., Inc. Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery at (562) 923-6450 to schedule a consultation.

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