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Hair Removal

Judging by our daily hair removal practices, it is evident that people in our society desire smooth, soft, resilient skin that is not marked with nicks, bumps, and stubble. Dr. Blose aids smooth skin by offering effective laser hair removal. Undergoing treatment in a way that works for you can leave you feeling more confident and satisfied with the look and feel of your skin.

Laser technology brought a significant improvement to permanent hair removal treatment. Before the development of laser treatment, the only option for permanent hair reduction was painful electrolysis. Now, in one of our comfortable offices, men and women can take control of unwanted hair with treatments that feel like a slight rubber-band snap. Laser hair removal is more comfortable and more efficient, treating hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

Laser hair removal works because laser energy is absorbed by pigmentation in individual strands of hair within the follicles. It is important to note that white and gray hairs have no pigment, and therefore do not respond to laser hair removal. For this reason, laser treatments are more effective in the years before hair starts to turn gray. Laser energy is only absorbed by hair already within the follicle. Hair grows in stages, which means that multiple treatments will be needed to affect hair in the active growth phase.

Many people undergo several laser treatments over the course of a few months, undergoing maintenance treatments once a year or so. Other people maintain laser treatments every four to six weeks for up to twelve months in order to achieve results that last many years. Regardless of the schedule in which patients undergo their transformation, one common thread is shared, and that is satisfaction with the results of this innovative treatment.

Laser hair removal can be performed to reduce the thickness of hair on the face or arms, or to promote long lasting, hair-free skin on some areas of the body. This treatment is easily tolerated by most patients, and there is no downtime needed for recovery. Patients are advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun, and to use sunscreen as directed by Dr. Blose after treatment.

We love helping our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. If you are living with unwanted hair, and would like to see a change, we can help. Contact us at (562) 923-6450 for your appointment in one of our four offices.

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