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Mohs/Skin Cancer

"I had a melanoma on my neck and Dr. Blose saved my life." L.B. (59 Years)

Hearing from your doctor that you have skin cancer can be distressing. Just the words alone are difficult to hear. It is important, however, to understand that skin cancer is a common condition that has the highest recovery and survival rate of any type of cancer. Dr. Blose does what he can to ease the anxiety of a skin cancer diagnosis, explaining details of the condition as well as treatment. One way in which our patients benefit from Dr. Blose’s expertise is with the option of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Mohs surgery was a development of the 1930s, when Dr. Frederic Mohs sought a more effective method for the removal of cancerous skin cells. The appeal of this micrographic surgical procedure is that cancerous cells are effectively removed, while surrounding, healthy cells are undisturbed. This procedure has a high success rate, and is now the most widely used surgical treatment for skin cancers of various types and sizes.

The Mohs procedure is performed in our office after the patient has been treated with a local anesthetic to numb the area. During the procedure, the patient is fully alert and comfortable. Working with great precision, Dr. Blose removes cells in layers, examining removed cells under a microscope and continuing until no cancerous cells remain. The area is sutured and dressed, and any reconstructive work, if needed, is performed.

This advanced surgical technique is offered only by specifically trained Mohs surgeons, who have learned from the best of the best how to safely and effectively remove cancerous cells in a progressive, single appointment. Dr. Blose has years of experience successfully treating skin cancers, and can walk you through the process with soothing reassurance. In fact, he has cured over 15,000 cases of skin cancer in his career.

After Mohs Micrographic Surgery, we strongly encourage patients to continue annual visits with Dr. Blose for skin cancer screenings, as well as home checks. Annual exams are recommended for every person because early detection is a vital component to successful treatment for skin cancer. In addition to performing skin checks at home and seeing Dr. Blose on a yearly basis, patients are also advised to wear adequate sun protection daily.

Skin cancer is a serious condition that requires prompt attention. Our friendly staff serves patients from Downey, Montebello and surrounding areas. We can help you take a proactive stance against skin cancer. Contact us for your appointment today.

"Dr. Blose and staff took care of my mother's skin cancer surgery. They are very attentive and good-hearted people." M.B. (67 Years)

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