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Mohs/Skin Cancer

Highly successful treatment for skin cancer available in Downey, courtesy of Mohs surgery

Skin cancer treatments have never been as effective and precise as they are today. Advanced treatments require advanced expertise. Dr. Douglas Blose is specially trained in the most leading-edge of therapies, Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

The old standard

Surface skin cancers may be removed during an initial biopsy. Traditionally, if additional treatment was needed the cancerous tissue would be cut out. During this surgery, a surrounding margin of healthy tissue would be excised with the cancer. In some cases a wide cut may have been recommended to remove the tumor and extra skin around it.

The gold standard

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is an improvement over the traditional, local excision option. Dr. Blose and his team will recommend you set aside ample time for this procedure. The American College of Mohs Surgery reports MMS has the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments at up to 99 percent. A factor behind the success of this procedure is its precision, which takes time. The exact amount of time required depends on the extent of the tumor and on the amount of reconstruction needed following the procedure.

Treatment starts with local anesthesia to numb the area. You will be awake during treatment and avoid the downtime and side effects associated with general anesthesia.

Dr. Blose will first remove the tumor he can see from the numbed area. A thin layer of surrounding tissue will be excised at the same time. This tissue is examined under the microscopic. If cancer is seen around the sample’s outer edges another layer of tissue is removed from the suspicious area. This process continues until there is no cancer detected in the sample.

According to the ACMS, most tumors can be removed after one to three of these progressive steps.

This method is a preferred treatment option because:
  • Loss of healthy tissue minimized
  • Specialists like Dr. Blose can verify all cancers have been removed at the time of surgery
  • The chance of a cure is increased
  • Reduces the likelihood of succeeding surgeries, treatments
  • Patients don’t have to wait for results
Not all treatments are right for every patient. The type and location of your specific skin cancer are factors that influence the treatment plan. Call (562) 923-6450 to schedule an appointment to discuss Mohs surgery in Downey, the location where the Blose team performs this advanced procedure.

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