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Mohs/Skin Cancer

Downey specialist offers precision skin cancer treatments

A number of practitioners in the Downey area may call themselves a skin cancer specialist, but not every dermatologist is trained in the most precise and effective way to remove skin cancers: Mohs surgery.

The procedure gets its name from the late Dr. Frederic Mohs, a general surgeon who developed the technique in the 1930s.

The Skin Cancer Foundation considers it the most effective way to remove basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Aside from treating these common skin cancers, Dr. Blose may recommend Mohs for some kinds of melanoma as well as:
  • Unusual cancers
  • Growths with a high risk of returning
  • Any cancer that has already recurred post-treatment
  • Cancers in visible areas such as the face, hands, and feet
  • Delicate areas such as the genitals
  • Those growths with hard-to-define borders
If Dr. Blose recommends Mohs surgery, you will not be referred out to another specialist equipped to perform this precision technique. You will be able to stay with the dermatological team you trust, because Dr. Blose has the training to remove your cancer in this manner.

After the area to be treated is numbed, Dr. Blose will remove the visible cancer cells and a thin outlying layer that is slightly larger than the cancer itself. The tissue is then analyzed under the microscope. If no cancer cells remain on the borders, you are done. If cancer remains, the process is repeated. This process is repeated until no more cancer is seen under the microscope.

The wound may or may not require stitches or grafting for healing. Follow-up skin exams are vital to monitor the potential development of new cancers, especially if there is a past history of aggressive cancers with high rates of recurrence.

It’s estimated that Mohs cure rates are at least 98 percent, which is far higher than those rates reported for standard excision and other accepted techniques. Mohs is also an attractive option, because it preserves an optimal amount of healthy tissue, especially for challenging cases on the nose, neck, and other obvious areas.

Visit your skin cancer specialist in Downey, Dr. Douglas A. Blose, to see if Mohs is best for you. Like all treatments, Mohs is not a good fit for every patient.

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